Fane Pro Audio Appoint Cassie Zhao as Head of Asia Sales

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13 Aug 2021 By Fane Pro Audio

We are pleased to announce that Fane has appointed Cassie Zhao as Head of Asia Sales, Fane Pro Audio Division, with primary responsibility for our sound system business development and sales in the Asia region including China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and other important Asia audio markets.

Our focus upon the design and development of new ranges of Fane Pro Audio complete sound systems, spearheaded by the launch of the CAROL Series at Guangzhou Prolight + Sound in May 2021 which augment our best-selling SA, SK, SV, ST and STORM Series, has lead naturally to establishing our Pan Asia sales office in Guangzhou as part of our objective to bring Fane closer to our customers in the incredibly important and vibrant pro audio and live entertainment market in the Asia region.

The opening of our Experience Centre in Guangzhou in June 2021, as a showcase for the Fane Pro Audio line and to enable customers and visitors to enjoy live demonstrations of Fane Audio Products in a variety of indoor environments, also further underlines our commitment to expanding our sales globally and the thriving Asian audio market, in particular.

If you have interest in representing Fane Pro Audio in Asia or would like to discuss other business opportunities, please contact Cassie Zhao at or

For other Fane Pro Audio business opportunities outside Asia, please contact our Headquarters directly at


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